Vacant Houses in Lancaster – How Much Do They Really Cost?

It’s amazing how many nice homes are vacant in the Lancaster area these days. If you take a closer look at a number of the listed homes in Lancaster, you’ll see that in many cases the owners have already moved on leaving the house vacant. What most sellers don’t realize is that every day their … Continued

How to Estimate Repairs When Selling Your House in Lancaster

A necessary part of the process is the inspection when you are selling your home, and for many sellers, this fact causes many a restless night. However, facing the issue head-on will allow you to understand what you are up against financially in total expenses for the repairs. Three estimates are typically enough to make … Continued

How to Simplify the Home Selling Process in Lancaster

Listing your home for sale is a process that is fraught with red-tape, not to mention time consuming and expensive. It can be overwhelming to sell your home on the market. There are so many decisions to make, and it’s difficult to understand the complicated contracts and legal forms, so it is comforting to work … Continued

How Much Your Empty House in Lancaster is Really Costing You

So you have listed your home for sale on the market and already spending the profits in your imagination. But have you taken an accounting of all of the possible funds you’ll need on hand before the house ever sells? Or the potential amount the time on the market could cost? It can be expensive … Continued

6 Tips to Help You Downsize Your House in Lancaster

Downsizing can be overwhelming when deciding what to keep and what must go. Younger families turn to downsize to save money and make a smaller environmental footprint. While older homeowners may find they have much too much house, full of unoccupied rooms that now only add to the dusting workload. Any task can be made … Continued

A Breakdown of Fees for Homeowners Listing Their Homes in Lancaster

There are far more expenses involved in listing a home in Lancaster than most homeowners realize. Having realistic expectations about actual listing costs allows homeowners to properly prepare financially for the outlay of funds. Regrettably not every cost is apparent and all too often homeowners find themselves in a financial pinch because they didn’t calculate … Continued

Why We Buy Lancaster Houses is Buying Homes in Lancaster

When making choices that significantly affect our finances and personal life, it’s helpful to understand the motivation of someone you are working with to achieve a goal. Knowing why someone does the things they do on your behalf can help you make the best decision. Read on to find out why We Buy Lancaster Houses … Continued

What Does it Mean to Have a Distressed Property in Lancaster?

Distressed property may be a property that is either in an advanced state of disrepair, which is obvious, and may also have landscaping that has grown wild and is potentially damaging structures or the foundation or facing an impending foreclosure procedure. Although listing and selling your home is a complicated and stressful process during the … Continued

How To Sell A Hoarder House In Lancaster

Introduction Many people can spot a hoarder’s house from outside, but how do you go about selling it? Preparing any home for sale and getting potential buyers is never a walk in the park. If it’s difficult to sell a maintained and beautiful property, a hoarder house can be more challenging. These homes are cluttered, … Continued