What Does it Mean to Have a Distressed Property in Lancaster?

Distressed property may be a property that is either in an advanced state of disrepair, which is obvious, and may also have landscaping that has grown wild and is potentially damaging structures or the foundation or facing an impending foreclosure procedure. Although listing and selling your home is a complicated and stressful process during the … Continued

How To Sell A Hoarder House In Lancaster

Introduction Many people can spot a hoarder’s house from outside, but how do you go about selling it? Preparing any home for sale and getting potential buyers is never a walk in the park. If it’s difficult to sell a maintained and beautiful property, a hoarder house can be more challenging. These homes are cluttered, … Continued

4 Tips for Taking the Emotion Out of The Sale of Your Lancaster Property

Your home is typically one of the most significant financial investments you will make in a lifetime. Additionally, we place an emotional value on our homes that others cannot realize.  However, mixing emotions and negotiations of this magnitude doesn’t typically end well. Regrettably, when you bring emotions into talks about the sale of your home, … Continued

4 Common Mistakes Home Sellers Often Make in Lancaster

Whether you’re trying to save some money or save time, homeowners often make mistakes when they’re selling a home. Whether you list with a real estate agent, sell on your own as a FSBO, or sell directly to a professional buyer, we’ve gathered the information on your behalf to help you avoid these missteps and … Continued

How to Estimate the Costs When Selling Your House in Lebanon

Selling your home on the Lebanon market either on your own or with a real estate agent involves spending money out of pocket and settling up the remainder of the bill at the closing table. Adding up the numbers of a listing can be incredibly eye-opening; however, many homeowners fail to account for all the … Continued

5 Do’s and Don’t of Buying Investment Property in Lancaster

Investing wisely in real estate creates tremendous wealth and passive income through long-term cash flow. In addition, investing done right allows you to maintain control of how you live your life. Savvy real estate investing will enable you to spend your time as you wish while looking forward to enjoying your golden years. It takes … Continued

How to Know if You Should Sell Your House in Lancaster or Refinance

Many factors come into play when homeowners determine the best course of action to take with such a significant financial transaction as selling or refinancing your home. The decisions you make today will have a substantial impact on your overall financial health in the future, so take the time to consider all the particulars of … Continued

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