5 Headaches Homeowners Face When Selling Their Houses in Lancaster

Not looking forward to the almost guaranteed headaches you’ll have as a homeowner when selling your house? If you’re weighing the options of whether or not to face the stress and potential heartache of selling your own property, we want you to know there is a quick, pain-free option available to you! There’s no need to make the process painful, and rather sell your house in Lancaster to us here at We Buy Lancaster Houses.

Frustrated Homeowner in Lancaster, PA
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Unanticipated Repairs

We’ve seen it happen time and time again with home sellers in Lancaster. You think that your house is in good shape and you need to make unanticipated repairs. Even worse, you’ll need to deal with the cost, scheduling, and downtime of bringing in qualified professionals to make those repairs. When selling your house, if these types of repairs come up, you’re going to either need to negotiate who will pay for those repairs. Sometimes, with the time constraints of a conventional sale, you’ll need agree to pay for these repairs even before you know that they cost which is a huge risk to your bottom line. This uncertainty can be a major point of stress during these transactions, and taking on the expense before the buyer gets final approval for their mortgage is a huge risk.

Curb Appeal

If you’re planning to do work to the exterior of the house, remember that taking lots of time to complete it or pushing it off during vacations or holidays can be costly! Make sure that if you’re going to spend the time, money, and aggravation making your home look as good as possible that you’ll actually see returns for your efforts.

Ready to Show

Getting your home into “showing shape” often requires sacrifices to the way that you and your family are used to living. Often showings are requested with little notice. If you’re family has a busy schedule, it’s important to try and have the house “ready to show” at all times. This can sometimes require removing and storing some of your personal property at a self storage facility which can also get expensive. Pets can add another layer of complication especially if they don’t do well with strangers or have a tendency to try and escape. Keeping up with the mess created by kids and pets are often a never ending saga when selling your home!

Handling Buyers

It’s important to remember when selling your home in Lancaster that you need to be careful with what is said to any potential buyers. You’ll also need to be ready for bargain hunters who may see if they can get your house for a steal and make low-ball offers. Try not to take it personally. Also, remember that not every buyer is qualified or even interested in purchasing your home. Some people are just out “looking” at houses and may not even be pre-approved by a lender. This can waste a ton of your time, but it’s very difficult to sort out buyers if you have your house listed on the open market. This can truly add to the stress and aggravation of listing your home!

Legal Disclosures

When you are selling a property, remember you need to disclose EVERYTHING! Under most traditional real estate contracts, a buyer can actually sue if they feel as though they were were misled or didn’t get all of the information about the house’s condition. This creates huge liability potential for a seller when they’re dealing with a buyer that they don’t know and could be “sue happy” if there’s something they don’t like.

There are lots of risks when selling your home and lots of potential headaches that have the potential to be BIG. If you’re looking to avoid all the hassle and sell your house to a trusted buyer in Central Pennsylvania, give us a call!

We Buy Lancaster Houses is here for you! We make it easy and FAST for homeowners to sell their house in Lancaster!

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