Five Tips To Sell Your House With Damage In Lancaster, PA

Making the decision to sell your house isn’t an easy one, but if you realize that the property has damage it can be even more difficult to figure out what to do. Making repairs to the house prior to selling can cost serious cash, so we put together 5 tips to sell your house with damage in Lancaster, PA.

Tip #1: Increase the Curb Appeal

One tip for selling your house with damage in Lancaster is to freshen the curb appeal. The damage might seem more manageable to the new buyers if the rest of the property is taken care of and looks good. This could include anything from a fresh coat of paint, pressure washing the house, or even just weeding and mulching. This can help offset the property damage and potentially make the buyer consider your property anyway, even with the existing damage in place.

Tip #2: List the House “As-Is” on the MLS

One way to sell your house with damage in Lancaster is to list the house as “as-is” on the MLS. This is a commonly used terms to show potential buyers that you’re not interested in making repairs to the property. That said, this can deter retail home buyers as they can be nervous about what the potential damage to the property actually is. On the other hand, these types of listings often attract investor buyers and can increase the homes appeal to the right set of buyers.  That said, you need to remember that these buyers are typically looking for “deals” so their offer may be less than your list price.

Tip #3: Don’t be Offended by “Low Ball” Offers

Here’s another tip to consider when selling your house with damage in Lancaster. Don’t be offended by any offers that you might consider as “low-ball” offers. As we mentioned above, when you’re listing a house “as-is” you will likely attract investors. These buyers understand what the costs associated with repairs often better than a typical homeowner. With that in mind, you should keep an open mind when the market “speaks”.  Sometimes the house may just not be worth what you were hoping for, and that can be evidenced by low offers.

Tip #4: Make Sure To “Over” Disclose

When you’re selling a property with damage in Lancaster, you’ll need to make sure that you disclose absolutely everything that you know to be wrong with the house.  This type of disclosure is a legal requirement and failure to disclose known issues with the property can result in you being liable and the potential for lawsuits. Another reason to over disclose however is so that you don’t have buyers waste your time claiming that they didn’t know about defects in the property. This type of disclosure will hopefully ensure that the buyers putting in offers on your house know what they’re in for.

Tip #5:  Sell To A Reputable Cash Buyer

One of the easiest ways to sell your house with damage in Lancaster is to sell directly to a reputable cash buyer like We Buy Lancaster Houses. Professional cash home buyers are always purchasing houses that need work, so they’re a great resource to help you get rid of your damaged house. Most of these home buyers cash close quickly (or on your timeline) and pay cash. This makes the process much easier and flexible than if you were to list it through a Lancaster real estate agent on the MLS. House buyers like We Buy Lancaster Houses also have the funds available to close, so you won’t need to worry about access to funds through a bank which often don’t like damaged houses.

If you have a damaged home in Lancaster, we’d love to talk to you! Give us a call at (717) 715-0010 or send us a message on our website!

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